Parkinson’s Better Halves

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Social media graphics below were created for Kelley’s two Parkinson’s Better Halves groups 1 | 2
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There will be 30 images total, one for each day in April.
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P.D. from a Loved One’s Point of View by Parkinson’s Better Halves

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Written by Kelley, the group’s founder…
My guy has been smitten with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) 🙁 My friend will be taken away from me! He no longer laughs 🙁 He can no longer wipe my tears 🙁 Oh, how wonderful it would be to once again have one of his awesome hugs 🙂 He will not see me succeed in this battle as PD has no success rate. I will fail to save him as PD has no remission, no cure! The friend I once had for life is being torn away from me, bit by bit, his body is being destroyed! He mental functions will diminish! His soul is locked away someplace that I can’t find. No, I have to be strong for him . . . his strength is gone 🙁
Please, take the time to hug a wife whose husband has PD.! We are extra fragile <3 <3 <3


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Credit : Tip Jar image by 365_daysofdoodles

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