Please pardon its temporary continuous mess…

January 14th 2017 | Didn’t get the site work done that I wanted to get done.
Every day I thought, I need to get that done ……. but I just changed it, I don’t want to change it again, a Star Trek marathon is on BBC ……. ugh, bad Kimmie 

Shaking a Tribble smilie made by Helen Baq.

September 7th 2016 | Another change… I Quit! Teed Designsread more. Which means things around here will be still under construction a bit longer. Saaawwwrrry! Kind’a. I’m really excited about the new stuff……. though yesterday, I started weaning myself from a 40+ year caffeine addiction sooo I’m quietly excited ’cause my brain is a bit sore, and not in a whoot! whoot! kind’a mood.

From Teed Designs to Well’thy by Design:
I QUIT! (1st,2nd,3rd posts)

May 14th 2016 | Finally found a booking system, and an event calendar system that I like. But! I am using two separate systems, realized I wanted to keep them separate for more control. Yes, I’ll tell you what programs I’m using *after* I decide that I really like them. This new site has gone through quite a few of them, don’t want to recommend them just yet.

April 22nd 2016 | LOL! + groan .. today I clicked the banner in the header, “MERGING SITES : PARDON ALL GLITCHES -READ ON-” because I intended to add a quick note to this page .. and, the link did not lead here, it went to a page that just said, “Deal with it.” Oh .. my .. goodness! That rude post was not my intended message, the above post was my intended message. Here’s how “Deal with it.” happened ……. read on.

March 28th 2016 | cheerleading_emoticon  We have a new website design!  cheerleader_by_Little_Vampire Merging all our sites here into a new mega Teed website..
I am sooo happy we are finally merging all of our sites! All our websites are now under the umbrella of and it’s newspaper-styled. You’ll have access to all our sites in one place and, just like a newspaper, if you want to only read the Business section, you can ignore the Sports pages. Go to the top click the topic you’re interested in; but remember the site is under construction.


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