Don’t do it backwards!


Want me to tell you how to build online success?
No problem…….

If you want to be successful online…

You have to build credibility.

How do you build credibility?

People learn to trust you.

How do you get people to trust you?

Help them.

How do you help strangers?

By providing them with regular, real, useful tips and information; also known as CONTENT.

Online Success = CONTENT + CONTENT + Quality CONTENT Added Consistently.

There. That’s it. The end. C’ya!

………oh, you want some more details?

No problem, grab a mug of your favorite beverage —it’s story time!

Let’s say, you are the best online t-shirt printing company.

And today, I need to buy t-shirts. Is this your lucky day? Is my money going to find its way to your account? Let’s find out………

I’m so excited to finally buy my awesome t-shirts, I jump on Google to find someone to do my “imprinted t-shirts”. I get 968,000 results when I search that; seems I’ll probably never find you online.

But what if…

A few months ago, I Google’d “how to best wash a t-shirt so it won’t make me look like a hamper child when I wear it”, and at the top of the search was your article, “The laundry method that changed my life… literally”.

After reading your helpful article, I peeked around your site for more of your gems, and because I liked your helpful articles and knowing I will be buying imprinted t-shirts in the future, I joined your mailing list or Liked/Friended your social media profile.

Now I am your *friend*, and now you regularly send me hilarious knock-knock jokes.

Then the day comes when I need to buy imprinted t-shirts —sooo who do you think I am going to use?!! No need for a Google search, I got a guy.

Or maybe..

On #NationalCandyDay -November 4th of each year- I click the hashtag on a social media site and in the search I see an uber cute t-shirt with an artistic candy illustration. I {Liked} the image, then peeked at your social media profile, Friended you because of your content, and now you show-up on my screen every few days, then the day comes when I need to buy imprinted t-shirts —sooo who do you think I am going to use?!! No need for a Google search, I got a guy.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Now let’s go back for an alternate ending…

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Kimberly Teed Zone!

We’re back at the above mentioned Google search, and it seems you have one heck of a budget because you outbid FamousTshirtCo. You were the #1 ad. Whoot, whoot at your deep pockets.

Now you paid huge bucks to get my click, and …….

I’ll see your beautiful online store and everything you’re selling. I will admire the site and your quality t-shirts, but I don’t know who you are. I never heard of you, there’s no trust.

Not knowing you, I will wonder if I’m going to get the dream shirts you are offering or if my credit card info will be used to purchase your shiny new sink from Home Depot.

After a quick, Ughhh! I will go to a site I’ve heard of and you’ll have spent money for my click and have lost me.

You lost me because you did not build credibility first -why would I trust you and your fancy store?

Don’t do it backwards.

Don’t fill your site with the stuff you’re selling first.

Create CONTENT first.

Take about a month. Focus on content. Create real, helpful content around your product and that represents your brand to your target market.

OH! And create it on your own site.

Never, ever, ever start your business on someone else’s format or social media platform.
-more on that later

To get started in the right order:

  1. Buy a domain name -about $10/year
  2. Get Managed WordPress hosting -about $6/month
  3. Install WordPress -a few clicks in your control panel
  4. Don’t fret about what your site looks like for a month -you can get a template here later
  5. Create content around your product and your brand
  6. Create content, content, content, content
  7. Seriously, focus on content

If you need help .. ask your clients what they would like to learn about your product .. or you can hire us to manage your content/social media .. or you focus on content, we’ll focus on making your site pretty .. or buy articles with reprint rights from our shop .. or use one of our monthly social media packages.

Need to pick my brain? Book a time that is good for your schedule.

Did I mention you should focus on CONTENT FIRST?


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